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Chevy Corvette Casting Number & Engine Code Guide

2511 - Just Back in Print

Front Cover

2511 Chevy Corvette Guide


  • Covers casting numbers, suffix codes, transmission codes, rear axle codes, part numbers, production counts and more.
  • Very Comprehensive.
  • Always take this one to ID Corvettes.
  • All the years - 1953 -1982
  • 100 pages.
  • Use this book along with 2911 Cowl Tags.

Price: $15.00.

Order Now


If you LOVE Corvette's, this is your guide. Whether you own one or are looking to buy one, all the numbers and codes you need to ID Casting Numbers, Suffix Codes, Transmission Codes and Rear Axle Codes to verify a Numbers Matching car are here.

This pocket-size (4in by 5in) guide was made for everyone who needs a list of Corvette Numbers and Codes grouped together in one place. Don't try to play the NUMBERS MATCHING game without it.


  • YEARS. Corvette's from 1953 - 1982.

  • Casting Numbers for V8's are grouped by Option. For example, you find a 1969 Corvette 427 and are told it is Numbers Matching. The Casting Numbers for the block, heads, intake and exhaust manifolds and water pump are grouped together so you can quickly, on the spot - check the numbers.

  • Codes. Suffix Codes for every Corvette engine are listed. Transmission Codes for every Corvette transmission are listed. Rear Axle Codes for every Corvette axle are listed giving the original ratio and posi/non. Also, Corvette production counts and part numbers are listed.

Bottom Line

This book was made to take in your pocket as you shop for Corvettes and Corvette parts. That way you will know whether to buy or keep looking. Remember, no one wants to buy a Numbers Matching Corvette 427/425 only to find out later it is a cloned 350 car after the deal was made.

Sample Pages

Note: The sample pages displayed below are NOT from the book on this page. This web page is still under construction.

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As soon as I get the sample pages scanned from this book, they will be added. Thanks for your patience.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Casting Numbers

 Casting Numbers

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